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Fretboard Freedom Fighter Online Workshop
Imagine being able to play ANY arpeggio with ANY finger on ANY string. What if you could float freely across the entire fretboard without being locked into any single particular “BOX” or “POSITION,” every sound is available to you regardless of what finger YOU are on, this is True Freedom, and this is what the Fretboard Freedom Fighter Workshop is all about!

What You Get:
– 8 weeks of access to instructor, materials & tools.
– Weekly topic-specific lesson plans and assignments.
– Private, personalized assessments from instructor.
– Access to student activities & discussion threads.
– Full download of all video lessons and materials.
– Certificate of completion upon conclusion.

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Mental Skills Training

In music, mental training and toughness are just as important as talent and technique. Discover practical mental training techniques and strategies for any musician looking for that edge.

It is time to remove the mental roadblocks that have been keeping you from Playing and Performing the way you want.

You have trained on your instrument… Now is the time to harness the power of your mind (thoughts,actions, beliefs, confidence, motivation…)

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Musician Testimonials

If you are serious about becoming a better musician then this is the most important course you can buy. This course taught me mental techniques I used to ramp up my motivation. The mental skills really helped me improve communicating with my band. I now feel more confident in everything I do. I highly recommend this product, it is great.
Dennis, Phoenix, AZ
This is so easy to use, as I listened, I absorbed the information automatically. I noticed over time I began to talk differently to myself, my practicing and playing started to improve. Great ideas and so simple, I started to apply the principles right away.
Richard, Austin, TX
Everyday I would listen to Les in my car for a week. Right away I started to feel different; I noticed the messages were sinking in. I started to feel more focused when practicing. The music started coming to me easier, I wasn’t struggling like before. I love this.
Peter, Harrisburg, PA
Transform a sometimes frustrating, monotonous labor into an exhilarating and rewarding experience.
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Focusing too much on the negative and can’t accept positive comments from others.
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Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn how to release the mental blocks you have been holding on to for years.
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